FLORA WAMBUI admits to having s3x with politicians without a condom and she is HIV+

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Selling her flesh to the highest bidder on twitter and facebook. Flora recently posted that she has been having s£x with politicians and top Government officials who most at times request that they don’t use any protection at all.

According to Flora, she started prostitution after she learnt that she was HIV positive. Apparently, she has even had unprotected s*x with men who pay twice or thrice the normal amount.

On a good day, Flora can sleep with four to five clients at a minimum cost of Sh. 10,000 per session. Below was her post;

“After realising that I had Aids, I decided to make money for my upkeep. Trust me the business isn’t bad. Clients book for my services from as far as the UK and once they are here, we meet and they pay me handsomely. I have slept with top government officials and great prominent businessmen. If one wants it dry, he has to pay twice or thrice the amount.”