REVEALED: See where politicians & CEOs take their Mistresses for S£X escapades.

06:21 Izzo Md 0 Comments

 Many of prominent politicians and corporate bosses in Kenya engage in frequent s3x escapades as a way of relieving stress and they certainly blow up alot of money trying to impress their mistresses.

And with paparazzis everywhere, they prefer to take their clandestine lovers in secret locations where only few people can access.

One such venue is the Alfajiri Villas located at the Kenyan coast. The expansive villas are owned by two Italians and to access them, one must show his or her financial status.

The place is so exclusive that to find out the cost of spending even a night there, you must call or email for a quotation.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt once stayed at one of the villas for three days and that shows you how the place is guarded and secretive.

Among Kenya's senior politicians and CEOs who have frequented this place with their clandestine lovers is Ole Sa***a, Titus N. and a few others we will name after we get a go-ahead to release the photos

Here are photos to show you how the place looks like