University Student Infects 87 Men with HIV

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A lady going by the name Mary Munene has allegedly infected about 87 men in her university since she started her first year.

According to local blogs, she posted the list of the men on social media with a regret message.

Here is it raw. again we cannot confirm this yet, we are currently relying on different sources, but here is the  post and the list.

Mary Munene:

As a woman,you undergo through a lot in life,especially campus. This environment ain't friendly at all though ladies enjoy it the most. 

As a first year,I broke my virginity the second week. That's when I got STI from a 4th year student leader at KU. Since then,I've been able to sleep with a range of student leaders across different universities who fuck me without any protection. I'm compelled to write their names here as a caution to all freshas who just joined. I'll start with 1-20 tonight:

1. Stephen Mwadime-ku. Fucked me at Kilimambogo hostels room number 34 the left bed. 

2. George Njuguna, Moi,hostel H room 329

3. Jeremiah Oti,Moi hostel j room 213

4. George Thuku,Ku Nyayo 1 room 109

5. James Maina Wachira,TUK,Nairobi west in a lodging. 

6. Kennedy Mutua, UoN,mamlaka A room 78

7. Ambrose Wari,made no fucked me near car wash kisumu

8. Justus Onyango, Ku Kilimanjaro room 07

9. Obwaka Eddy,TUK night stand at nyayo during games. 

10. Ferdinand maina, uon hall 9 room 334

11. Raggot ,TUK

12. William wafula, maseno 

13. Kiplagat James, Egerton 

14. Paul Kahoro, maasai mara. 

15. Quincy Fred Muya, uon lower kabete

16. Trillions Niko,Uon,mamlaka b

17. George a bade,Ku 

18. Fredrick kamere,TUM

19. Williamson Kariuki , made no

20. David kirimi, chuka
To be continued.

This adds to the ever emerging lists from 'feed up' s*x escapees in universities which is slowly emerging to more than just learning institutions.