SHOCK! AL-SHABAAB arrested planning to attack a mall on Ngong Rd - Westgate style

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Police on Tuesday arrested two Al-Shabaab terrorists as they were planning a major terrorist attack on a shopping mall along Ngong Road on Wednesday, while Uhuru Kenyatta was away at The Hague attending a status conference of his case at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The two were arrested by undercover detectives at 3pm moments after they picked up a parcel at a courier office in Ngong Town.

When the parcel was opened, a live bullet was found and the map of the shopping mall they were to attack.

The two terrorists were to travel to Eastleigh to meet another man and show him the bullet, and he will give them 1, 000 live rounds and 10 AK-47 rifles that will help them and three others attack the mall and put it under siege - Westgate style.

The detectives forced one of the terrorists to call his boss for further orders as they listened in. The signal of the caller was traced to Embulbul, a few kilometers from Ngong Town.

When squeezed for more information, the terrorists revealed they wanted to hit Kenya when President Uhuru Kenyatta was away at The Hague to maximize deaths and damage on the pretext that it would take long before the security apparatus respond since there was no Commander-In-Chief in the country.

The two are in police custody and are helping the police with crucial Intel to bringing down the local terror network.