4 CORD Governors Fly Four Miss Tourism Kenya Finalist To Bang Them in Kilifi

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Four Governors allied to Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD), flew 4 Miss Tourism beauties to a getaway in Kilifi where they exchanged fluids at the luxurious Vipingo Ridge in Kilifi County.

The four beauties (who we will reveal in our subsequent posts) were flown last week using a chartered plane.

The four Governors at the same time used money allocated to their Counties to fund their amorous behavior as they pleased the beauty queens with money and opulence

One Governor, who last year hired one of the girls as his Private Secretary, was overheard telling his counterparts, that his mistress was one of the hottest in the group. 

“I was craving for this girl like sh**, I   have now refreshed myself and I am ready to serve my people,” the Governor, who is 59 years old, said.

Another Governor who had marital problems with his wife was also overheard saying how he nailed the beauty queen and she screamed and moaned the whole night.

“It is like two months since I relieved myself. I feel now like a real gentleman. Young girls make someone look younger because they know how to entertain a man in bed,” the Governor said while laughing unapologetically.

The girls were later flown to Nairobi after “servicing” the shameful potbellied Governors….

Via Kenya Daily Post