Classic 105’s MWALIMU KING’ANG’I exposed badly by one of his staff For Killing Talents

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NTV’s Churchill is on the receiving yet again. Yesterday, one of his comedians; Wagithomo spit his frustrations on social media and said that Churchill was killing talents in the name of building comedians.

But Churchill’s management team claimed that Wagithomo refused to follow simple rules set by Churchill thus his frustrations. It appears that Churchill has 70 comedians and all of them have to show up every Tuesday for vetting.

15 of the best comedians are then picked for rehearsals at Carnivore every Wednesdays. Wagithomo however chose not to show up on Tuesdays and as a result he could no longer perform.

He also felt that his career was not picking up at all and  thus his frustrations.

Here is what he said.

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