Did FIDEL ODINGA die of cocaine of heroin overdose? - MOSES KURIA spills the beans

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Moses Kuria, who is the Controversial Gatundu South MP, is urging CORD leaders to stop blaming the Government over the death of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga’s eldest son, Fidel Odinga, who died at his house in Karen, one week ago.

On his twitter account on Saturday, Kuria, who is also a close ally of President Uhuru Kenyatta, said it is wrong for CORD leaders to point a finger at the Government even without investigating what caused the death of Fidel Odinga.

He allegedly said Fidel may have died of Cocaine or Heroin overdose because most of his friends were Cocaine/ Heroin peddlers.

This is what Kuria said - His twitter handle is Genesis 17: 14

Genesis 17:14# Bangi ni mbaya! Cocaine ni mbaya! Heroin ni mbaya. All are illegal. Avoid them and if you die do not blame others.

Before he died, Fidel Odinga was with John Garang’s son and Robert Gichuru at a popular pub in Westlands.