Here are the friends who were with FIDEL ODINGA before his death

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 Reknown blogger Robert Alai has mentioned some names of three individuals who were partying with Fidel Odinga before he met his untimely death on Sunday morning.

According to Robert, Fidel was with hanging out with Robert Gichuru, who is Julie Gichuru‘s brother in law, (He is also Fidel Odinga’s long time buddy.) The other two people were females only identified as Nelly Nyaga and Maureen Thiongo.
Fidel first appeared at Club Oval before going to Sankara then to Capital Club where he met his three friends. 

Fidel Odinga was at a club  briefly called Rubicat where he met Tom Alila (in pics below), who was waiting for Jirongo, before he went to Sankara.
He was then driven home by Smart Fellas taxi services from Capital One.

In September, last year, Fidel Odinga’s Range Rover was involved in a grisly accident along Lenana Road where it hit a cyclist who died instantly.

During that time the Range Rover was being driven by Robert Gichuru (in pic) who had borrowed it from Fidel Odinga to run some errands.