Is BENSOUDA hiding YEBEI to use him as a secret weapon against RUTO at ICC? Here are the DETAILS!

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On Wednesday morning, Kenyans were shocked after it emerged that the body of a man that was discovered two weeks ago along River Yala, Nandi County, was not that of International Criminal Court (ICC) witness Meshack Yebei, who was abducted on December 28 near his home in Sugoi, Nandi County.

Reports from the head of Special Crimes Unit at the CID, Joseph Kariuki, the body’s fingerprints did not match those of Yebei and the body was identified to be of Yusuf Hussein, who also disappeared few days before Christmas.

Kariuki said they confirmed the body is not of Yebei after carrying out more conclusive tests including conducting a DNA.

But where is Meshack Yebei?

According to impeccable sources, Yebei was “abducted” by ICC officials who sneaked him through Uganda after he claimed his life was in danger. 

it is noted that Yebei sent a message to his family while in Uganda on December 30 and told them he was with Patrick and Lugusa who are ICC officials and asked them not to worry.

The text message to the family was in Kalenjin and read;

“abwati ale ichamegei, kwawe Uganda urgently. kimi ak ngamotik cheb bensouda nekile patrick ak lugusa. ami komie, mosich wasiwasi. meshack ako namba nenyu ni. (I hope you are okay, I went to Uganda urgently. I am with Bensouda’s people Patrick and Lugusa. This is . . . I am alright don’t worry and this is my number’). The message originated from phone number256-773125351.

Sources said Bensouda's men promised Yebei a good amount of money if he changes his testimony of bribing witnesses. He allegedly went with bank statements which showed how Ruto was trying to bribe witnesses.

“Yebei is alive and he is living like a king in one of the European countries. He is Bensouda’s secret weapon in Ruto’s case,” the source said.