Oburu and Ruth Odinga take the opportunity at FIDEL’s burial to bash VERONICAH.

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The funeral of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s son, Fidel Odinga on Saturday was converted to a tribal podium with close members of the Odinga family firing salvos to Fidel Odinga’s first wife, Veronicah Wanjiru Nganga (Shiru).

The tribal comments were started by Fidel Odinga’s uncle, Dr Oburu Odinga, who said Fidel Odinga’s first wife, Veronica Nganga, was after money and that was why she was divorced.

“I kept asking Fidel why Shiru was not giving birth and as an uncle, I advised him to end the marriage because Shiru was just after the money,” Oburu said.

He also mentioned that Veronicah, who was among the 20,000 mourners, was infertile and she was not able to sire a child with Fidel Odinga and that is why she was divorced.

Oburu’s assertions were also echoed by Fidel’s aunt, Ruth Odinga, who said she had earlier warned Fidel over marrying Veronicah Ngang’a who she said was after Fidel’s wealth.

“I was always against Fidel’s marriage to Shiru and when he introduced her to me, I knew that marriage was doomed to fail,” Ruth said in dholuo.

 Shiru was afterwards seen crying alone after the burial.