Popular Nairobi Pastor busted drinking himself silly in Club, you know him.

22:09 Izzo Md 0 Comments

A controversial Nairobi pastor, who was the talk of the town late last year after he bragged of his over-seas leisure trip on social media, was spotted drinking himself silly at a popular joint along Thika Road.

He was in the company of a popular local comedian who also happens to be a member of his church. Apparently, most local celebs attend his church because he is not so much concerned with discipline issues.

The flossing pastor was accompanied by two heavily built bouncers who kept watch as he sipped an expensive bottle of wine.

After a while, a well endowed lady who was dressed to kill joined him and they partied till mid-night.

She was mutually caressing him as he sipped his expensive drink.

The tycoon pastor, who airs all his sunday services live every Sunday in one of the local TV stations, then left the club some minutes past mid-night accompanied by the bootylicious lady.