SHOCKING! The dead body found last week was not that of ICC witness, YEBEI.

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There has been shock and anxiety to the family of ICC witness, Meshack Yebei, after a family in Nandi claimed the body that was discovered along River Yala, a week ago, was that of one of their kin.

This follows after police collected fingerprints of the body which failed to match with those of Meshack Yebei, who is alleged to have been killed by unknown men.

The fingerprints collected instead matched to those of Yusuf Hussein, who also disappeared a few days before Christmas last year.

According to the cops, the DNA test also showed that the body was not that of Meshack Yebei, who was abducted on December 28 in his Sugoi home, Nandi County.

Meshack Yebei was a former ICC witness, who jumped from the prosecutor’s side to the side of Deputy President William Ruto.

Ruto through his lawyer, Karim Khan, had previously alleged that Meshack Yebei was killed by men allegedly hired by ICC Chief Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda.

On the other hand, the prosecutor Fatou Bensouda defended her men saying they did not kill Yebei.

Now it is not clear whether Yebei is alive or not but ICC sources say he is alive.