Shocking facts About Nandi MP Alfred Keter You Didn't Know

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1.He was a student at Kapsabet Boys High school where he was suspended 4 times and finally expelled in form three after leading a huge strike at the school.

2.He did his KCSE examinations in a mixed day school where despite his nature he scored an A of 82 points

3.He was admitted to Egerton university where he led a strike before orientation.he was suspended for one academic year but he remained a big threat to the Vc.

4.When he was reinstated he formed a platoon of generals and planned to withdraw the then student's governing council.

5.He was suspended again for another academic year and this time the VC was almost resigning.

5.When he was reinstated the second time,he came and was on the forefront fighting for student's rights and later led a mega strike where he was fully expelled after being detained at KAMAGUT BARRACKS for a month.

6. After expulsion he then went to national politics where He campaigned for Kibaki in 2002,which made him become vibrant and famous countrywide.

8.When HE Mwai Kibaki assumed office,he went back to campus to complete his studies under tight security amid pleas from VC to beg him to cool.