Some Gun drama at Lee Funeral Home forcing RAILA’s family & mourners to scamper for safety

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There was drama at the Lee Funeral Home as Raila Odinga’s supporters and Kenyans lined up to view the body of the late Fidel Odinga when a police officer’s gun went off unexpectedly causing panic.

The incident threw the entire programme into jeopardy forcing mourners, including Raila Odinga and his family, to scamper for safety.

However, nobody was injured by the shot that left a big hole on the ground.

Everything went back to normal after a short while and Kenyans resumed viewing the body of Fidel.

Fidel died on Sunday morning after partying with friends the previous night but pathologists have failed to establish what exactly killed him after conducting two autopsy exams.

The tissue samples from his body will now be subjected to lab tests at least to ascertain what killed him.

He will be buried on Saturday next to his grandfather Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s graveyard.