The police contradict themselves over self confessed FIDEL ODINGA killer, PAUL KOBIA!

22:37 Izzo Md 0 Comments

 The acting Inspector General of Police, Samuel Arachi, has just denied media reports that the self confessed killer of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s eldest son, Fidel Odinga, is in police custody.

This follows reports emerged that Kobia was arrested by the police after he confessed to killing, Fidel Odinga.

Kobiais said to have been heard telling some patrons in Buffet Park and the pub’s owner that he killed Fidel for organizing goons to beat him up at a restaurant along Lenana Road where Raila Odinga was also having his lunch.

However, in a statement to the press, Arachi denied the allegations terming them as mere rumours.

According to Arachi, Kobia was taken to a Aga Khan Hospital after running mad.

“We want to clarify that Mr. Kobia was taken to Gigiri Police Station by his family who wanted to be assisted in having him restrained and escorted to a psychiatrist after he started shouting incoherently and acting violently,” said Arachi. 

Arachi’s statement also contradicts CID reports which indicated that Kobia was arrested for confessing to killing Fidel Odinga.