What Raila Was Doing in India

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Honorable  Minister Raila Odinga came back in to the country this morning after a one week tour of India where he was accompanied by CORD Governors to seal business deals with Indian investors.

While still in India, Odinga asked entrepreneurs to invest in Africa and Kenya, as well as team up with Counties to exploit their potential.

“Africa is the last frontier in economic development of the world. It is the place-to-be for investors for the coming five to ten years,” said Raila.

Also in India is US President, Barrack Obama, who for the second time returned to the country to cement the US-India relationship at a time when Raila Odinga was also there to cement trade ties between India and Kenya.

However, Raila Odinga returned back to Kenya without meeting his cousin, Obama, as one would expect.

Reliable sources revealed that the former PM made an attempt to meet with Obama before he came back to Kenya, but it seems the US President was too busy for his cousin and the two never met.