Big Surprise as Ruto is banned from setting foot in this County - You are an enemy of MAASAIs!

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Emurua Dikirr MP, Johanna Ng’eno, has asked Bomet Governor, Isaac Ruto, to stop meddling in Narok County affairs.

Speaking during the launch of Narok South Constituency strategic plan at Masantare Primary School on Saturday, Ng’eno said it is sad that Ruto has been politicking in Narok and protecting his counterpart, Samuel Tunai, over allegations of mismanagement of County funds.

“It is totally unacceptable for Ruto to interfere with the County affairs and incite the Kipsigis community against the leadership opposing Tunai’s leadership,” Ng’eno said.

Ng’eno said the Maasai community will stone Ruto if he tries to set his foot in Narok County.

Last weekend during the burial of musician Samuel Sang alias Junior Kotestes at Tangitech, Trans Mara East Sub County, Ruto asked Ng’eno to leave the camp associated with Narok Senator, Stephen Ole Ntutu and support Governor Tunai.

Ruto also said it is wrong for Ng’eno to criticize Tunai’s administration, yet the latter has been protecting the interests of the Kalenjin community.