CORD Senator's Lover reveals how he behaves when they are having S£X - He has a “small tool”

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A randy Senator from Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), who is known for his strong appetite for s3x, is being ridiculed by his clandestine lover for having a “small tool.”

The loud mouthed politician, who shocked many when he fainted in a plane late last year, has been relying on pills to rise up to the occasion.

One of his clandestine lovers who works in Parliament was over-heard ridiculing his “small tool” and how he is weak in bed.

“Why can’t he just accept that he has come of age and leave “these things” to young and vibrant men. He moans like a wounded buffalo every time we get down to action.” His clandestine lover was over-heard saying.

The randy mheshimiwa is currently in an illicit love affair with a young lady from United States International University (USIU), who also acts as his Personal Assistant.

But despite the serious health risks that come with the usage of the small blue pill, he still uses it because of his high appetite for s3x.