Kethi Kilonzo Blasts President Uhuru Kenyatta

02:53 Izzo Md 0 Comments

City lawyer, Kethi Kilonzo, has lambasted the Jubilee Government over high levels of corruption at State offices especially in the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature.

Reacting on the daily serialization of Graft Diaries by KTN, Kethi, who is the daughter of former Makueni Senator, Mutula Kilonzo, said President Uhuru Kenyatta is going against the social norms of any democratic country by appointing his cronies at top State positions.

She also said corruption and tribalism have become the order of the day in the Jubilee Government as over 40 million Kenyans struggle to earn their daily bread.

This is what Kethi Kilonzo summarized on her Facebook account (it is not clear whether this is her actual facebook account).

“The President of Kenya himself is going against the social norms of any democratic country.

89% of the cabinet is dominated by two tribes.

If anyone is well informed 95% of the entourage that accompanied the President to Japan is purely a kikuyu related list surprisingly enough even the security detail.

Does this mean Kenya is made up of two tribes?

The top security chiefs are all from the same two tribes.

Can such a president talk of corruption? Isn’t Tribalism a form of corruption? Or are the other 40 Kenyan tribes less educated?

He is simply drinking wine and preaching water.

Tutafakari haya my fellow Kenyans,”