Popular Citizen TV News Anchor Busted Doing it with an intern in the Parking lot

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A popular Citizen TV Swahili anchor, who salivates on anything in a skirt, was recently busted having S3x with an intern in the parking lot.

He was tasting the intern’s honey pot in his Mercedes Benz and the s3xually energized lady gave it all to him. When the “game” became too hot, they started making strange noises as the car swayed back and forth.

This attracted the attention of a security guard manning the premises and he was shocked to find the two exchanging fluids.

The witty Swahili anchor, who keeps on narrating the tales told by his grandfather during news broadcast, was groaning like a donkey as he explored the gorgeous body of the bootylicious intern.

Upon noticing that he had been busted, he bribed the watchman with Ksh 500 to shut his mouth.  But the loud-mouthed security guard  leaked the secret to fellow employees and the randy anchor has become a laughing stock in the Hurligham based media station.

The s3x hungry intern dished out her flesh to the influential journalist so that he can help her secure a job in the media station.

But she has turned out to be a subject of discussion at Royal Media  and has even been nick-named the “h()rny one”.