Waititu likely to lose his seat for sacking Secretary after she refused to have S£X with him

02:36 Izzo Md 0 Comments

Juja MP, Francis Waititu, may lose his seat after the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions ordered that the first time lawmaker be charged with s*xual harassment and abuse of office.

This is after a woman, who claimed to have been working at the Juja CDF offices, accused the MP of firing her for rejecting his s*xual advances.

Susan Wambui, who was an employee working at Juja CDF offices said the MP sent her a message notifying her about the sack after she refused to sleep with him.

“Ulikataa nikule hizo vitu na vile nazimezea mate. Now I am employing another person on your behalf. Hii dunia kila kitu ni nipe nikupe. Ken will give you the other details on how to clear from the office. Goodbye” the MP allegedly wrote to Susan.

On Saturday, the MP said Wambui is not his employee but the Parliamentary Service Commission has since confirmed her employment with the Juja CDF through a letter to the police giving details of Wambui’s employment.

Ruiru Divisional CID boss, David Chebii, said his boys were finalizing investigations and the MP will be arraigned in court in the coming days.