See what the father of one of the AL SHABAAB terrorists who killed 148 students said

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One of the four Al Shabaab terrorists who stormed Garissa University and killed 148 students has been identified as Abdirahim Mohammed Abdullahi, a promising Kenyan lawyer who graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2013 with a law degree.

His positive identification came after police displayed the four decomposing and naked bodies of the terrorists to members of the public.

Abdullahi was a son to Abdullahi Daqara, a prominent Chief of Bulla Jamhuri in Mandera County.

Speaking over the weekend after Garissa residents identified his son as among the terrorists, Daqara noted that his son disappeared almost a year ago and had reported the matter to the police.

He said that he told the police that he feared his son had joined Al Shabaab militants in Somalia but nothing was done.

“We have a son who has been missing since 2013. We reported his disappearance and nothing was done and now he has killed innocent souls,” said Daqara, the terrorist’s father.

Similar sentiments were echoed by the family who said they disowned Mohammed Abdullahi long time ago after he abandoned his home in Mandera to join Al Shabaab in Somalia.

“I buried Rahim long ago but the fact that his own blood took the lives of 147 innocent lives gives him enough regrets in life that has forever taken away his hopes of living humbly,” a close family member said.