This is exactly what AL SHABAAB told students before killing them and being killed later

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Survivors of Thursday’s deadly terror attack recounted what Al Shabaab terrorists told students who they had held hostage explaining why they had to attack Garisa University before killing them in cold blood.

According to those interviewed, the Al Shabaab explained to students that they are paying for the mistakes and arrogance of President Uhuru Kenyatta of refusing to withdraw Kenya Defence Forces from Somalia.

Maurine Mayengo, who miraculously survived the attack but overhead all the conversation by Al Shabaab with the hostages, said the militia were talking inSwahili and made it clear to students that Uhuru is to blame for their deaths.

“Tumekuja hapa kuwaua nyinyi na pia sisi tukufe, hatuogopi kukufa (We are here to kill you and die too. We are not afraid of death.) You are dying to pay for the arrogance of your political leader (President Uhuru) who has refused to pull out your military officers from Somalia. As long as Kenya’s military is in Somalia, it will be paid with its citizens’ blood,” Maurine overheard one of the gunmen telling hostages.

Besides, the Al Shabaab revealed that they had warned Uhuru/ Ruto’s Government that they would be coming but the Government didn’t take them seriously.

“We have warned your authorities many times over our plans to attack. We have issued alerts warning over the same but you are today paying for your Government’s refusal to heed to our threats and calls to remove your soldiers in our country,” Mayengo heard another terrorist saying.

They told the students that the Garissa attack was just but the beginning because more terror attacks targeting learning institutions are on the way.

“This is the beginning of more attacks that will be targeting learning institutions in Kenya,” the terrorists warned just few minutes before they killed 147 students.