Why RECCE commandos are not happy with Government

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The Recce GSU commandos that eliminated the terrorists, who killed 148 students in Garissa University College on Thursday, have not been paid their allowances.

According to a cop of the Ruiru branch who spoke on condition of anonymity, they were only given Sh 500 for lunch after the daring rescue mission at Garissa University College.

They were supposed to be paid Sh3,000 but they have not received the amount since it is only paid when they spend a night out on duty.

The special unit which is usually called during risky hostage missions such as the Westgate and Garissa University attacks said their job lacked incentives in spite of the dangers it entails.

Apart from the allowances problem, the officer said, they were ill-equipped and lacked morale.

But in a tough rejoinder, Interior Ministry spokesperson, Mwenda Njoka, said the Ministry was planning to increase the capacity of the elite squad, which had received praise from many quarters after its officers killed the Garissa terrorists in less than 12 minutes.

The Inspector of General of kenys Police, Joseph Boinnet, also said he had already given instructions that no officer from the Recce Squad trained for such missions should be deployed as a bodyguard for VIPs.