Ethiopian envoy lectures UHURU/ RUTO how to defeat AL SHABAAB like they have done

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Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Kenya, Dina Mufti, took President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, through some ‘lessons’ on how to combat terrorism.

In an interview with The Nairobian, the Ethiopian envoy lectured Uhuru/ Ruto on terror and the lessons they can learn from Ethiopia in the war against Al Shabaab terrorists.
He said Ethiopia has been able to defeat Al-Shabaab due to its intelligence gathering which is done by citizens, saying every Ethiopian Citizen is a spy unlike Kenya, where the Government has not made it easy for citizens to freely provide Intel to security agencies.

However, he praised Kenya’s Nyumba Kumi initiative, saying it will go a long way in enhancing monitoring and Intel gathering in Kenya.
At the same time, he decried rampant corruption in Kenya’s security architecture saying it was the reason why Al Shabaab keep attacking Kenya and not Ethiopia.
Additionally, Dina said Ethiopian forces have undergone serious training which has equipped them with necessary skills to combat terrorism.

Here is what he said when asked what Ethiopia was doing that Kenya is not doing to keep Al Shabaab terrorists at bay;-
“No country can say that they have successfully combated terrorism, whether in Africa or the West. But Ethiopia has been relatively successful because of the good co-operation that exists between security organs and the people. This ensures the population provides vital information to ensure terror cells and infiltrations are nipped in the bud.
“It’s the same philosophy Kenya is adopting through Nyumba Kumi where every citizen is an intelligence officer. The Government also has a very good working rapport with religious teachers in Madrassas to ensure the Islamic doctrine does not promote extremism.
“Additionally, the Ethiopian armed forces have undergone patriotic indoctrination to the extent that they value the security of the motherland more and cannot be corrupted by terror elements.”