Here is Why Raila is a God, LUO MCA str!ps n@k*d because of RUTO and WAIGURU

02:10 Izzo Md 0 Comments

To Luo Nyanza, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is not just their political supremo orBaba as they usually call him, but a ‘god’ whom everyone must worship, and who one risks being cursed if he/ she dares touch or call his name in vain.

This became evident in Siaya after an ODM MCA str!pp*d n@k*d right in the County Assembly Offices after Deputy President William Ruto insulted their ‘god’- Raila Odinga - on twitter and the entire Luo community over the ongoing corruption saga at the National Youth Service (NYS) involving Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru.

Central Gem MCA, Fred Oudo, str!pp*d n@k*d in office and invited Ruto and Waiguru to see his munju so that they would be cursed for insulting Baba.