Governor in Trouble

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Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong is in deep trouble for letting his ex-wife and kids sleep hungry.
His ex-wife sued him for abandoning her and children to languish in poverty and forced her to live from hand to mouth as he enjoys family money with pr()st!tut*s.
Nora Ojamaa Ojaamong has filed a case in court accusing the Busia Governor of abandoning her despite siring two children with her.

In her suit, Nora said she is still legally married to Ojaamong by virtue of having wedded him lawfully and not having divorced as per the law.
She said she is Ojaamong’s legal wife and therefore should be the First Lady by right and the ‘good’ Governor should know that.
Trouble started a long time ago after Ojaamong chased her out of his house with kids forcing her to fend for herself and the children with the Governor seemingly less concerned.
However, things got worse a day before Madaraka Day when she had no money to buy food for their children and when she reached out to Ojaamong for help, he refused.
Nora and the kids had to eat salt for dinner which was the only edible thing remaining in the house. And to make matters worse, Ojaamong refused to greet her during Madaraka Day celebrations that were held at Angurai.