Here is the Video the 41 students caught engaging in indecent acts

09:28 Izzo Md 0 Comments

The 40 highschool students caught engaging in the indecent acts havebeen making headlines for the past one week and there are some new details emerging.

The students who came from various high schools in Kirinyaga county had hired a bus after schools were closed and they thought of having a little fun before going to their homes.

In the bus they were travelling in, it is alleged that they asked the driver to increased the volume so they could have some fun. Local residents who tipped the cops said they heard strange noise comeing from the bus and they decided to call it in.

After the arrest they were taken to the local police station where they were stripped and searched by the police and their photos circulated online which were indecent.

Here is the clip of the residents who reported them.