ALFRED KETER robbed and left dry while having a good time with a PR0ST!TUT£

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Nandi Hills MP, Alfred Keter, was embarrassed last week when muggers robbed him of his valuables while making merry with a lady he has just collected along Kimathi Street.

According to an informer, the outspoken MP excused himself to visit the washrooms and left the lady in a corner alone at a popular pub in town but immediately Keter entered the washrooms, he was mugged by 3 strongmen disguised as revellers and robbed all valuables including a very expensive watch.

The muggers also tore his pair of trousers as they made away with his wallet and other valuables. He was forced to call his brother to settle the bill since he had no money.

Ashamed with what happened to mheshimiwa, the lady ran away after the MP started accusing her that she was the one who organized the mugging.

“This was an inside job,” Keter roared to the Pub Manager.