Attention Team Mafisi: 5 Nairobi Estates With Cheapest Girls to Maintain

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Most Kenyan guys want a low maintenance girl. But getting such girls comes a plethora of complications. I believe many guys out there love to lead simple, drama-free lives.  This is the reason why they are attracted to women who are simple, down to earth and chilled out.  A low-maintenance chick doesn’t take things too seriously, and doesn’t put too much  thinking into things that don’t matter much. So don’t be stressed out about where to find them. Here are the top 5 Nairobi estates with girls that are cheap to maintain.

1. Eastleigh
Guys from this hood have an easy time with women. All they have to do is buy miraa or mogoka and some njugu and soda then invite a girl over. There’s nothing more she’ll want. I’ve never really understood why Eastleigh ladies love chewing so much. Anyway as a result of this herbivorous practice, their jaws are super hard. Kissing them feels like you are kissing Iron Man’s sister. And a blowjob makes you feel like you a cow under a milking place. But it’s alright.

2. Umoja
You don’t have to buy a girl from Umoja beer. A ‘mzinga’ only worth about 200 will be enough to give her a good time. Every single girl is ‘Team Zero Chills’ too. She doesn’t have the time or any patience to get involved in any kind of bullshit. She doesn’t care who’s cheating on whom or what she said about her behind her back or who ‘whatshisname’ is shagging these days, there’s more important stuff to chat about.

3. Roysambu
Chics from this esto love mutura and smokies. So all you need to do to make a girl from Roysambu happy is pass by the mutura seller in the evenings and buy her a roll. She’ll grab you by the waist to mark her territory as you bounce with her. Girls from this area also do one hairstyle in two months so you won’t have to worry about being pestered with salon cash every other weekend. Your finances will be put to good use.

4. Dagotetti Corner
Girls from ‘Dago’ area have three pairs of shoes at most- consisting of sneakers and flats. What are heels again? A Dagoretti Corner girl doesn’t know. Neither does she careat all. Also, since there are many nyama choma joints in this area, eating meat is more satisfying to her than going to a five star restaurant. Who wouldn’t want a girl like that?

5. Ngara

Girls from Ngara love chip and a state of peace. Cheap fries by the way. Not fries from ati sijui Chicken Inn. I heard that some of them buy chipo once a day and distribute it evenly between breakfast, lunch and supper. If you ask them why they are starving themselves, they’ll say they don’t wanna gain weight. Okay then

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