MP leaves a lodging by a pr()stitut£ as he fails to “rise to occasion” - His transformer is dead!

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A popular ODM MP has become the talk of town because he failed to “rise to the occasion” after seeking services of a curvaceous pr()stitut£ from Kisumu City.

The MP, who has an undying appetite for twilight girls, was reportedly abandoned by his latest catch when she saw that the man was ‘taking too long’ to rise to the occasion, yet she was losing precious time to engage with other clients.

According to the lady, the polygamous MP, sought her services on Friday last week a after the two met at a popular club in Kisumu City.

The MP allegedly told her how "thirsty" he was and how he wanted to "eat her” mercilessly "the whole night.

 After a few bottles at the pub, the Mheshiwa told the lady to accompany him to his rooms upstairs to quench his thirst. 

The woman, who has a killer derriere, said after they went into his room and the MP started to stroke her immediately and unzipping her tight pants.

She said that after 30 minutes of trying to waken his “transformer” there was no show and she had to make her way out of the lodging.

The MP bribed her with Sh 20,000 to buy her silence and not tell Kenyans that his “transformer” is dead.