EXPOSED: Equity CEO, JAMES MWANGI is a S£X Maniac, see how he wanted to 'Vuka' With Esther Passaris

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Although Equity Bank CEO, James Mwangi, looks like a well disciplined family man who has no time for chasing after “side-dishes”, he also loves unleashing his “propeller” on different women.

Sometime back, there were rumours that formerMother-In-Law actress, Celina, was secretly warming up his bed.

However, Celina trashed the rumours and alleged that Mwangi is just a close friend and mentor.

S3xy city businesswoman, Esther Passaris, has exposed how the..

Equity Bank CEO is a s3x hungry beast who goes around soliciting for s3x from women.

While ranting on social media, Passaris said that Mwangi wanted her to be his mistress  and when she rejected his s3xual advances, he started plotting her downfall.

“We were friends but he expected me to be his mistress. I said No. He decided to finish me.” The s3xy city businesswoman said.

Here’s a tweet by Esther Passaris exposing Mwangi’s thirst for s3x.