Exposed: Here is a list of Kenyan LADIES who have had S£X with powerful politicians - PHOTOS

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City lawyer, Karen Nyamu, has been linked to s3x scandals with who is who is in the political and business world.

She was warming up the bed of late businessman, Jacob Juma, before dumping him for a senior Jubilee politician who is known as “Bwana Machozi” in the political circles. 


She is a former Vice- Chairman of SONU and a graduate of University of Nairobi. A few months back, Irene was heard confessing how she is connected to powerful politicians through a leaked conversation.

She even bragged how she calls President Uhuru on his personal number. She has warmed the beds of some of Kenya’s popular politicians, especially those from Meru region.


The Diplomat has been accused of sleeping her way up and having s3x with some of Kenya’s powerful politicians. There were rumours that Ida Odinga once threatened her for being too close to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Ida felt insecure because she was aware of Yvonne’s randy behaviours. Social media has been awash with rumours that she sired a kid with Raila. 


She is a student at University of Nairobi who is said to have dished out her flesh to who is who in the political scene. 

A few months ago, a car belonging to Elgeyo-Marakwet Governor, Alex Tolgos, was spotted picking her from the hostels.

She is involved in SONU politics and perhaps that’s where she gets the chance to lure politicians to s3x.


She is a Nominated MCA who has warmed up the bed of powerful politicians. Wangui is said to have gotten the nomination after spreading her legs to senior Jubilee operatives.

She is currently warming up the bed of Kirinyaga Governor, Joseph Ndathi, who is spoiling her with money and that’s why she can afford to splash billboards all over town campaigning for Nairobi Women Rep Seat in 2017 election.