Police in Thika arrest students doing it in the car

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Students and teachers from Mwangaza Mixed Secondary School in Kariobangi were arrested in Thika during a school trip after they were found in possession of illicit brew.

The students and teachers had hired a bus from Githurai to take them  to a school trip in Ol-Donyo Sabuk and when police stopped them at a roadblock in Thika, they  found several bottles of wines and spirits and more than ten litres of chang’aa packed in polythene bags and a five-litre jerry can.
Eyewitnesses said that some of the students were having s3x in the bus after one girl was found completely n@k3d.

“One of the girls was found completely n@k3d in the bus, an eyewitness who was at the road-block said.

Traffic police stopped the bus after noticing that the driver was over-speeding while playing loud music.

When police entered the bus, they found the students dirty dancing while drinking chang’aa. Others were in compromising positions.

When police conducted a search in the bus, they found more than 10 litres of Chang’aa and bottles of illicit liquor.

The students and teachers were taken to Weiteithie Police Station in Thika as investigations continue.
Here’s the chang’aa that was found in the bus