Shosk as Mt. Kenya finds RUTO’s medicine! See who they want as UHURU’s running mate

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It appears Mt. Kenya region hates Deputy President William Ruto with a passion after all and may never ever support his Presidential bid in 2022 after President Uhuru Kenyatta.

There whispers in Kenya’s political corridors that they are planning to endorse someone else as Uhuru’s running mate in 2017 instead of Ruto, who they say is too arrogant and conniving to be President.

In a statement to Kenyans, former Lugari MP, Cyrus Jirongo, revealed that Kikuyus were planning to endorse Amani National Congress (ANC) leader, Musalia Mudavadi, as Uhuru’s running mate in 2017 after which they will support him for President in 2022.

Jirongo revealed that the ongoing smear campaign in Central Kenya that Kikuyus will not support Ruto in 2022 is a well calculated move to push the DP out of the equation and bring Mudavadi into the fold.

However, he warned the ANC leader that he is being lied to and misused because Ruto will not take it lying down.

“William Ruto is very much aware that you are attacking Raila Odinga to impress your “master” Uhuru Kenyatta so that he may drop Ruto and make you his running mate like was in 2002, an agenda that is being pushed by the Mt. Kenya mafia on the grounds that Ruto is no more a darling of Kikuyus.”

“I know, you know, we both know that William Ruto values land and money in sacks and the only way to get these things is through power, the DP’s position,” said Jirongo.

“So, my brother, don’t pretend that you’re talking about a purported Luhyia “consciousness” when your game plan is to exclude, balkanize and cannibalize the Maragoli of Mudete for exchange of being Uhuru’s number two.”

“But trade carefully, because Ruto is not as sober or as mature politically and as forgiving as Raila,” he added.