After Dumping Her South African Man, Avril has found another man to eat her 'honey pot'

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Popular Kenyan singer, Avril, recently confessed that her much publicized affair with a filthily rich South African businessman had hit a snag.

The s3xy songstress left “team mafisi” celebrating after making it official that she is single after dumping her South African lover over infidelity.

Notorious city womanizer and former Harambee Stars Captain, Dennis Oliech, is among the thirsty men who seem to be eyeing Avril after she announced the news of her break-up.

According to snoops, Oliech and Avril were spotted partying in a popular Kisumu club while getting cozy on Saturday night.

 sipping expensive alcohol as they danced the night away. They then left at around 3 AM in Oliech’s car to an unknown destination while holding hands.

Avril posted a photo on her instagram page having a good time with Oliech in the club and this elicited mixed reactions among her fans.

Some told her to very careful with Oliech because he uses and dumps women after satisfying his manly needs while others assumed that they are just friends.

But the way they were getting cosy in the club and the fact that they left at around 3 AM holding hands leaves more questions than answers.