Exposed: Here is the Pastor who has Finyad Kenyan TV girls including ARUNGA

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A randy man who has slept with some of the finest Kenyan TV girls has been exposed.

His name is Odadah Okellow, a youth pastor at Finger of God Church, which is more of a cult than a place of worship.

Snoops whispered to us that the cultish church that was started by Jazz Maestro, Joseph Hellon, is still running and some of the popular Kenyan TV girls and singers among them K24’s Isabela Kituri are ardent followers.

Odadah and Hellon have been b@ng!ng the media girls who go to the Finger Of God Church that allow wife swapping and other crazy stuff.

We are informed that Odadah slept with Esther Arunga when she was an ardent follower of the cultish church that destroyed her career and life.

Odadah is still satisfying his manly needs by masquerading as a Pastor but in real life, he is a shameless s3x pest.

Here are photos of Odadah, the Finger Of God pastor who has tasted some of the finest Kenyan TV girls.