EXPOSED: What the Kiunas have been doing in the dark finally comes to light

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Flashy city pastor, Kathy Kiuna, of Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC), has confessed that she once lived a dark life before getting saved and starting a church business that has seen her acquire immense wealth.

Apparently, Kathy was once a crazy party animal and an alcoholic who was all over Nairobi clubs looking for men.

While speaking during an interview in one local TV station, the flashy pastor who earns millions in a month through tithes and offerings said that before getting saved, she frequented Carnivore where she partied till the wee hours of the morning.

Her mother runs a bar along Kiambu Road and perhaps this is what influenced her careless lifestyle before she gave her life to Christ.

At some point, she even tried to smoke bh@ng.

“I was an outgoing lady. Carnivore will open and close when I was there.”

“I smoked and drunk even tried weed at some point.” Kathy recalled.

Although she claims to have changed her behaviours after getting saved, some snoops whispered to us that she still hits the bottle together with her husband.

Their daughter Stephanie (pictured below) is also a crazy party animal and spoilt kid who takes anything that makes her high including hard drugs.