First Lady caught misbehaving in public - Is she becoming another Imelda?

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Kenya's First Lady Margaret Kenyatta’s team is alleged to have  ordered the arrest of a journalist on Thursday who was covering her Beyong Zero function in Hola, Tana River County.

Alphonse Gari was arrested by Margaret Kenyatta’s body guards while he was capturing the event with his camera.

Thejournalist who didnt why exactly he was being arrested, was escoted to a waiting police car forcing other journalists to walk out of the function in solidarity.

The journalists protested in Hola town and demanded Gari’s release who was arrested by a civilian officer.

The journalists accused Magaret Kenyatta’s security of high-handedness because they carried out their duties the way they are supposed to.

Gari was later set free following the intervention of County officials.

A journalist, who didnt want his identity known, said it is the First Lady’s top security officer himself who ordered the arrest of the journalist was said to have come too close to the first lady during the photoshoot.

Many people are now wondering whether Margaret Kenyatta has changed her calm character and become like former Philippines First Lady, Imelda Romualdez Marcos, who often ordered the arrest of journalists at will..