MP Wamalwa busted entertaining a cute Lady in Rio but says he is in Nairobi - FISI

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Kiminini Member of Parliament, Chris Wamalwa, was caught red-handed misbehaving in Rio, Brazil, using our money even as most Kenyans sleep hungry for lack of food.

Wamalwa was busted entertaining a strange white lady in Rio using taxpayers’ money.

In the photo that has since gone viral, Wamalwa is seen drinking with the lady in a club as they hug and fondle in public.

The visibly tipsy Wamalwa is seen toasting to his new catch, who also seems so drunk and confused as they hold each other tight.

Those who shared it say Wamalwa and his lady drunk themselves silly before they retired to their room and what followed only God knows.

This comes even as some of our very own athletes missed air tickets to Brazil due to lack of money before the mess was sorted out later.

The Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto sponsored more than 12 MPs and Senators, including Wamalwa, to attend and watch the Olympics in Rio Brazil.

While in Brazil, the MPs are entitled to a whopping sh50, 000 in form of per diem (daily allowances) among other benefits - the same money that Wamalwa is using to treat ladies.

However, this evening, Wamalwa has said that he is not the man in the photo and he is actually in Nairobi. He further said that the photo is just an ingenious work of a hater who has used photoshop to portray him as a loose guy.